Aiguèze, classified among "the most beautiful villages in France", is a medieval estate localised at the mouth of the gorges of the Ardèche river, at the border of the Gard department. With its fortress over-hanged the cliff, Aiguèze offers to its visitors a post-card setting.

Its history appears all along the walk. Starts from the "jeu de Paume" square with its hundred-year-old plan trees and its Saint Roch fountain to visit our village and to explore the several testimonies of Aiguèze. During your walk around the cobbled alleys, you can discover the hold oil-mill, the laundry and the authentic houses. The castle with its keep and its Sarrasine tower are on the rocky outcrop which overlooks the Ardèche river.

This fortress, strategic place, reminds you of an eventful past. The path, followed in former times by the patrol, gives you an unrestricted view on the gorges of the Ardèche river and on the Mount Ventoux. Looking far afield, you may see a Sarrazin -ghost of a by-gone age, still hoping to conquer the village…

The church, recently restored, brings you calm and serenity. Its authentic stained-glass windows, its coloured frescos and its 16th-year-old portal lets you amazed.

The shady square, a friendly place of meeting, invites you to discover the typical way of life of the South of France: Sipping fresh drinks around the Saint Roch fountain, you can watch some unforgettable games of "pétanque", played in the shade of the chestnut tree. If you close your eyes, the song of the cicadas and the "pétanque" players exclamations transport you directly into a novel of Marcel Pagnol or Peter Mayle.

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